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dafuq comments am i reading.. ??? anyway did Binder get his hands on KTM MotoGP bike before they signed Pedrosa? because that was really weird comment from him.. without read the whole interview, it looks like we have a rookie rider act like a longtime KTM MotoGP rider here.
I can't believe Lorenzo's return to Ducati is anything more than Ducati playing with Dovi's contract. Still, although I think it would be unlikely to have Lorenzo competitive again, I wouldn't mind at all having him try. But I don't want Dovi to leave. Again, my biggest problem is the numerus clausus on the grid having so many competitive riders unable to have a place on Motogp for lack of rides...
Ducs put a lot of pressure to Dovi, take it or leave it.. Lorenzo though i don't know what to say about him welcoming to be dragged in this whole situation, it's true i'll be more than excited to see him racing again either with Yams or Ducs or even any bikes available but if he doing this with Ducs then i'll begin questioning his character again. i mean he quits Hons when things went so hard for him, then he went straight back to his old Yams as test rider with a few wildcard opportunities (which eventually canceled because of the pandemic), then he seek more lucrative chance to fully comeback as regular rider with Ducs in the middle of their dispute with Dovi.. i really don't know what to say.
Hang on a minute ive missed something over the last 6 months.. I thought Jorge retired cus he didnt want to break himself anymore? Now hes going back to Ducati without showing what hes made of against MM93?..
It's really weird in other media, it's not JL who confirmed that there's negotiation, it was his father.  I check JL's insta too, nothing like this :  " As such, Ducati does seem to have gotten the ball rolling on determining where Lorenzo could factor into its line-up next year with three-time World Champion saying negotiations have started on his Instagram" Wow, I started to doubt info, more like a cooked article for others to read & comment.  If true, sucks, should leave this as source of information. If false, apologize from me.
So we agree. :D You can call it "risk". Hamilton can call it "race incident". I can call it "playing dirty".